International Fuelcellbus Collaborative

Featured Project: Sao Paolo, Brazil

The Sao Paolo metropolitan region (SPMR), with a population of 17.8 million people, is home to the world's largest bus fleet making it a crucial market for zero emission bus technology. 

In 2007, the UNDP-GEF program worked with the region's public bus operator, EMTU, to launch testing and operations of a prototype fuel cell bus.  The program strives to utilize local suppliers such as Brazil’s TuttoTrasporti and Marcopolo who provided the chassis and body respectively.  TuttoTrasporti also integrated the NuCellSys fuel cell system that includes a Ballard stack.  Operations of the first bus concluded in 2011 having transported more than 1,000 passengers over 7,600 km.

In January 2012, TuttoTransporti received three new Ballard fuel cell stacks for the next generation of buses set to begin operations in 2012.  The new buses will include improvements from the first generation such as an overall weight reduction, larger passenger capacity, and less on board hydrogen with comparable range.

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