International Fuelcellbus Collaborative

H2 Technology in Switzerland

Aargau, Switzerland is set to deploy five fuel cell buses as a Phase 1 city within the Clean Hydrogen in European Cities
 (CHIC) program.  The city’s first Daimler FuelCELL hybrid Evobus was received in November 2011.  However, prior to delivery, PostBus, Aargau’s transit operator, had already begun training the drivers.  This pre-introduction training entailed online theoretical coursework covering fuel cell technology basics, important safety aspects of the high voltage system, and hydrogen fuel characteristics.  Practical training was conducted upon the bus’ arrival by Daimler with PostBus’ driver trainers.  The training package covered everything that drivers would need to know in order to safely operate the buses.  The drivers will receive a "refresher" training in November 2012.

As reported in the FTA's Worldwide Fuel Cell Bus Survey, transit agencies operating fuel cell buses overwhelmingly cite positive experiences from bus drivers:

  • Improved acceleration: Drivers like the continuous torque and smooth acceleration of the electric drivetrain.
  • Positive feedback from riders and the public: Drivers like the status of driving “special” buses and the attention riders and the public gave to the vehicles.
  • Reduced noise: Drivers appreciate the reduced noise.