International Fuelcellbus Collaborative

University of Delaware

This phased project kicked-off in 2005 with the goal to research, build and demonstrate fuel cell and hydrogen technology in Delaware.  The Phase 1 bus was deployed in 2007 and the Phase 2 bus was introduced in 2009.  A Phase 3 40ft bus is planned.  This project includes development of a drive train simulation tool and validation against on road performance data.

Project News

Project Details

Region North America
Country USA
State DE
City Newark
Transit Operator Delaware Transit
Fleet Size 2 Buses

Demonstration Status

The Phase 1 bus began operations in April 2007 and the Phase 2 bus started in October 2009.

Status Active
Bus Deployment Start Date 2007

Bus Details

Bus Manufacturer Ebus
Length m /22 ft
Curb Weight kg / 15,500 lbs
Passenger Count (Seats/Total) 22

Fuel Cell System

Manufacturer Ballard
Architecture Battery Dominant Hybrid
Fuel Cell Model Mark 9
Rated Fuel Cell Power (kW) 19 (Phase 2 has 2 modules = 40 kW)


Manufacturer Saft
Energy Storage Type NiCad
Energy Storage (kWh) 60

H2 Fueling Infrastructure

The bus is fueled at Air Liquide's Research Center in Newark.

H2 Provider

Air Liquide

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