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This deployment is a hybrid fuel cell bus supported with both batteries and ultracapacitors. The bus is a product of cooperation between the Czech Nuclear Research Institute, Skoda Electric, Linde, Veolia and Proton Motor.  

Project News

Project Details

Region Europe
Country Czech Republic
City Neratovice
Transit Operator Veolia Transport
Sponsor(s) ERDF, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
Fleet Size 1 Bus

Demonstration Status

The bus debuted in Summer 2009.

Status Active
Bus Deployment Start Date 2009

Bus Details

Bus Manufacturer Skoda Irisbus
Bus Model Citelis
Length 12.0 m /39.4 ft
Curb Weight 12,700 kg / 28,000 lbs
Passenger Count (Seats/Total) 28 / 43

Fuel Cell System

Manufacturer Proton
Integrator Skoda, Proton
Architecture Battery Dominant Hybrid
Fuel Cell Model PM Basic A
Rated Fuel Cell Power (kW) 48


Energy Storage Type Lithium Ion, Ultracapacitors
Energy Storage (kWh) 26 (Lithium)

H2 Fueling Infrastructure

H2 Provider


Station 1 Details

H2 Source

Located in the city of Neratovice Off-Site

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