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High V.LO City: Antwerp, Belgium

The High V.LO City program includes deployment of 14 buses in three European countries: Italy, Belgium and Scotland. The program aims to create a network of successful fuel cell bus operation sites, so called Clean Hydrogen Bus Centres of Excellence (CHBCE), linking High V.LO City sites with similar fuel cell bus demonstrations in Europe. 5 buses will be demonstrated in the northern region of Antwerp, Belgium. The project kicked-off in 2012.

Project News

Project Details

Program High V.LO City
Region Europe
Country Belgium
City Brussels
Sponsor(s) EU FCH JU
Fleet Size 5 Buses

Demonstration Status

This project commenced in March 2012.  

Status Active
Bus Deployment Start Date Early 2014

Bus Details

Bus Manufacturer Van Hool
Bus Model A300L
Length 12.2 m /40.0 ft
Curb Weight 14,243 kg / 31,400 lbs
Passenger Count (Seats/Total) 33

Fuel Cell System

Manufacturer Ballard
Integrator Van Hool
Architecture Fuel Cell Dominant Hybrid
Fuel Cell Model FCVelocity HD6
Rated Fuel Cell Power (kW) 150

H2 Fueling Infrastructure

H2 Partner(s)

Hydrogenics, WatersofNet

Station 1 Details

H2 Source

Brussels at Colruyt. Open Feb 2012On-Site Electrolysis

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