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Japan Haneda Airport

Two FCHV-BUSes are currently in operation as limousine buses between Haneda Airport and Shinjuku West Station, Tokyo City Air Terminal.  These buses were originally deployed as part of a fleet of 8 at the Aichi Expo in 2005.  Other buses from this original Expo fleet are in operation in Toyota City (1) and Centrair Airport (2).  

Project News

Project Details

Program HySUT
Region Asia
Country Japan
City Tokyo
Transit Operator Airport Transit Services
Sponsor(s) METI, HySUT, Hydrogen Highway Project
Fleet Size 2 Buses

Demonstration Status

Eight FCHV-BUSes were unveiled at the AICHI EXPO in 2005.  Toyota and Hino prepared two of those buses to begin operations in 2010 serving Haneda airport.

Status Active
Bus Deployment Start Date 2010

Bus Details

Bus Manufacturer Toyota, Hino
Bus Model FCHV-BUS, Hino Blue Ribbon City
Length 10.5 m /34.5 ft
Passenger Count (Seats/Total) 25

Fuel Cell System

Manufacturer Toyota
Architecture Fuel Cell Dominant Hybrid
Fuel Cell Model Toyota FC stack
Rated Fuel Cell Power (kW) 180 (2 x 90)


Manufacturer Panasonic
Energy Storage Type Nickel Metal Hydride

H2 Fueling Infrastructure

Two stations suppport this bus route: Tokyo Suginami Hydrogen Station in central Tokyo and Haneda Hydrogen Station in Haneda; both facilities began operations Winter 2010/2011.  

H2 Provider

Tokyo Gas

H2 Partner(s)


Station 1 Details

H2 Source

Tokyo Suginami Hydrogen Station On-Site Reformation

Station 2 Details

H2 Source

Haneda AirportOn-Site Reformation

Station 3 Details

H2 Source

Planned station in NaritaOn-Site Electrolysis

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